Top 12 Best Tourist Attractions in Malawi

Best Tourist Attractions in Malawi;-Malawi is a country that is both geographically and culturally diverse. From the iconic Victoria Falls to the stunning Nyamalambo Falls, there’s something for everyone in Malawi. But if you’re looking for something truly special, look no further than the tourist attractions in Malawi. Here are 15 of the best, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and leave you with a lasting impressions of this beautiful country.

Top 12 Best Tourist Attractions in Malawi

1.Chingola National Park

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Chingola National Park is an incredible wildlife reserve in southern Malawi that is home to a wide variety of animals, including lions, elephants, and leopards. The park also features a variety of stunning landscapes, including dense rainforest and rolling hills. If you’re looking for a truly unique wildlife experience, Chingola National Park is definitely worth checking out.Top 12 Best Tourist Attractions in Malawi

2.Victoria Falls

If you’re looking for a truly jaw-dropping tourist attraction, look no further than Victoria Falls. This magnificent waterfall is the largest in the world, and it’s easy to see why – the falls are simply stunning. Whether you’re visiting during the day or at night, there’s plenty to see and do at Victoria Falls.

For those who want to take in all of the majesty of Victoria Falls from close up, we recommend going on a safari tour. You’ll get to see all of the different viewpoints, as well as interact with some of the local wildlife. If you’d rather stay put and just marvel at the falls themselves, there are plenty of trails that will let you do just that.Top 12 Best Tourist Attractions in Malawi

No matter what your interests are, Victoria Falls is definitely worth a visit!

3.Kasungu National Park

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Kasungu National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malawi. The park is located in the Southern Region of Malawi and it covers an area of 630 square kilometers. The park was established in 1979 and it occupies a unique location on the borders of Tanzania and Zambia. Kasungu National Park offers tourists a lot of opportunities to see different wildlife species such as elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards, rhinos, and many more.

The best way to visit Kasungu National Park is by hiring a guide. The guides are available at the entrance to the park and they can take you on safari routes that will allow you to see all the different wildlife species that live in the park. Another option is to stay at one of the camping sites located within the park and spend your days wandering around looking for animals. You can also go on day walks or overnight safaris if you want to see more wildlife than what can be seen during a day tour.

If you’re not interested in going on safari tours or staying in campsites, there are other ways to explore Kasungu National Park. One option is to rent a bicycle and cycle around the park perimeter. Alternatively, you can walk along some of the well-marked trails that lead through the forested areas of the park. If you want to see more scenery than what’s available from hiking or cycling, consider taking a scenic flight over Kasungu National

4.Mulanje Elephant Orphanage

Mulanje Elephant Orphanage is a facility that was founded in 1978 to care for elephants who have lost their families. The orphanage currently has 60 adult and juvenile elephants who live in a safe and natural environment. The orphanage provides the elephants with food, water, shelter, and education. Visitors can visit the orphanage and learn about elephant care and conservation.Top 12 Best Tourist Attractions in Malawi

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5.Senga Bay

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Senga Bay is a serenely beautiful bay in the north-western coast of Malawi. The bay is popular for its crystal clear waters, white sand beaches and lush green forest.

The best time to visit Senga Bay is from February to May, when the weather is warm and sunny. The bay also attracts tourists during the Eid al-Adha festival in September and October.Top 12 Best Tourist Attractions in Malawi

5.Mzuzu Airport

Mzuzu Airport is located in Mzuzu City, the largest city in the north of Malawi. The airport has a single asphalt runway that can handle small jets. There is also a terminal building and a few commercial facilities.

The attractions close to Mzuzu Airport include the Ngava Falls, which are about an hour’s drive from the airport; the Victoria Falls; and Zomba National Park, which is about two hours’ drive from the airport.Top 12 Best Tourist Attractions in Malawi

6.The Livingstone Museum

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The Livingstone Museum is a museum located in the city of Blantyre, Malawi. The museum was founded by Sir David Livingstone in 1876 and houses a large collection of objects related to his life and work. The museum also has a library and archives which are open to the public. The museum is closed on Mondays.

The Livingstone Museum contains a large collection of objects related to Sir David Livingstone’s life and work. This includes items from his travels around Africa as well as personal possessions such as his clothing and medical equipment. The museum also has a library and archives which are open to the public.

The Livingstone Museum is closed on Mondays, making it one of the best tourist attractions in Malawi if you’re looking for an opportunity to explore something different on your holiday.Top 12 Best Tourist Attractions in Malawi

7.Nyaleti Game Reserve

Nyaleti Game Reserve is a world-famous wildlife reserve in Malawi that is home to lions, rhinos, elephants, and other big animals. The reserve is also famous for its high density of birdlife, including more than 400 species of birds. Make the most of your visit to Nyaleti by reserving a game drive or walking safari with one of the many tour operators in the area.Top 12 Best Tourist Attractions in Malawi

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8.Pemba Island

Pemba Island is the most popular tourist destination in Malawi. The island is located about 160 kilometers off the coast of Blantyre and offers a diverse ecosystem with beaches, rain forests, mountains, and coral reefs. The best time to visit Pemba is from December to March when temperatures are mild and the weather is clear. There are many tour companies that offer day trips to Pemba Island from Blantyre.Top 12 Best Tourist Attractions in Malawi

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The main attractions on Pemba Island include the Zhombe Hill which offers a spectacular view of the coastline and the island’s interior; Chilumba Wildlife Reserve which features forested hills, lakes, and waterfalls; Mwamba National Park which encompasses a large area of rainforest with numerous animal species including elephants, leopards, lions, rhinoceroses, hippopotamuses and several types of monkeys; Tarkwa Bay Beach which is one of the longest beaches in Malawi and has crystal clear waters; and Stone Town which was once an important trading center for slaves before it was abandoned in the early 1900s.Top 12 Best Tourist Attractions in Malawi

9.Zomba Prison Trek

Experience the untold stories of Zomba Prison, one of the most infamous prisons in Africa. Explore its eerie halls and cramped cells as you take a tour from experienced guides. This is an unforgettable tour that will let you explore the darkest corners of Malawi’s history.

10.Shire Highlands Wildlife Sanctuary

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Located in the Shire Highlands of Malawi, the Shire Highlands Wildlife Sanctuary is one of Africa’s most biodiverse areas. The sanctuary features a wide variety of habitats, including grasslands, montane forests, and swampy forests. It is home to a large number of endangered and rare animals, including the vulnerable elephant, lion, leopard, and buffalo.

The sanctuary is also an important stop on the migratory route of the wildebeest. Every year, the sanctuary hosts tens of thousands of these animals as they make their way from north to south Africa. Visitors can see this amazing spectacle firsthand by visiting one of the designated viewing areas.

The Shire Highlands Wildlife Sanctuary is a great place to visit if you are interested in wildlife conservation or want to see some beautiful scenery.

11.Malawi Beaches

Malawi’s stunning beaches are a must-see for any visitor to the country. The best of Malawi’s beaches can be found on the Zomba Peninsula, and include Phinda Coastal Park, Mamba Point, and Chentsa Beach. These beaches are popular with tourists thanks to their stunning views and cleanliness. In addition to the beaches, Malawi also has plenty of other attractions that make it a great place to visit. Some of these attractions include the Victoria Falls National Park, which is home to the world’s second largest waterfall; Kasungu Wildlife Reserve, which is home to elephants, lions, and leopards; and Ngonyani National Park, which is host to a variety of wildlife including elephants, buffalo, hippos, and crocodiles.

12.Zomba Coffee Plant

Zomba coffee is the world’s second most expensive coffee after Arabica. It’s grown in the hills of Zomba, a city in southern Malawi. The beans are roasted by hand and then exported to Europe and America. Coffee is traded globally, so the price of coffee can fluctuate rapidly. A pound (kg) of Zomba coffee can cost as much as $2,000.Top 12 Best Tourist Attractions in Malawi


  • What is famous in Malawi?

Malawi is a landlocked southern African country and has a population of around 15 million people. The country’s capital is Lilongwe. It is bordered by Zambia to the north, Tanzania to the east, Mozambique to the south-east, and Zimbabwe to the south. The major tourist attractions in Malawi are its lakes – Victoria Falls, Nyasa and Mzilikazi – its wildlife including elephants, lions and cheetahs, its variety of landscapes including mountains, rivers and game reserves, as well as its traditional villages.

  • Is Malawi a good place for a holiday?

Malawi is a beautiful country that offers travelers a variety of scenic and cultural attractions. Some of the best tourist destinations in Malawi include Lake Malawi, the Serengeti National Park, Mzuzu National Park, and Zomba Cathedral. There are also many malaria-free areas in Malawi where visitors can enjoy stunning views and peaceful wildlife environments.

  • Which is beautiful city in Malawi?

1. Lilongwe is one of the most beautiful cities in Malawi and it is filled with historical sites, cultural attractions, and parks.
2. Zomba is another beautiful city in Malawi and it has a rich cultural heritage that includes architecture, art, literature, and music.
3. Mzuzu is a charming city with colonial buildings, churches, and markets.
4. Blantyre is the capital of Malawi and it has many historical sites including the National Museum and Parliament Buildings.
5. Chitungwiza is a bustling city with lots of shopping opportunities as well as restaurants and bars that are popular with tourists.


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