The University of Illinois at Chicago 2022

The University of Illinois at Chicago ;- Open research university The University of Illinois at Chicago was founded in 1982. It is connected to Great Cities Universities and the Universities Research Association, and it is renowned to run the largest medical school in the country. A brief division known as the Chicago Undergraduate Division was established in 1946. This branch has about 4,000 students enrolled. Later, it was converted into what is now known as the University of Illinois, a permanent university. Owings, Walter Entsch, and Merril, architects with a base in Chicago, created the design for the university. It is built in the brutalist architectural style.

The University of Illinois at Chicago 2022

The University of Illinois at Chicago 2022
The University of Illinois at Chicago 2022

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UIC has three campuses and roughly 29,000 students and 25,000 faculty members call it home. These campuses extend throughout Chicago’s University Village and Little Italy. The Walter Nestch field theory is portrayed on the campuses. The campuses are also constructed in a way that gives off a traditional vibe. The oldest campus, built in the Gothic architectural style, is the West Campus. It houses the colleges of applied sciences, public health, pharmacy, and medicine. Additionally, the institution has 9 residence halls for its students, and at this time, the residence hall at UIC is home to roughly 3,000 students.

The Student Media, a large media outlet run by the student body, is located within the university. Chicago Flame, UIC radio, Red Shoes review, Magazine for Pre-Health Affiliated Students (a medical journal), the Argus, and 243 Magazine are some of the publications on the list. The German Student Association, Model UN, Mock Trials, Intramural Sports, and Accounting Club are a few other groups. Graduate, postgraduate, and interdisciplinary degree programs are all offered by the university. School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Nursing, School of Dentistry, School of Art and Architecture, and School of Business Administration are among the schools into which the topics are separated. Criminology, clinical psychology, public health, sociology, nursing, occupational therapy, and the fine arts are a few of the graduate programs that were listed among the top 50.

Bobby Rush, a pioneer in the civil rights movement, Mark Culler, a mathematician in geometry group theory, Jimenez Lai, a comic book artist, Tina De Rosa, Bernard Shaw, a CNN anchor, Stuart Kaminsky, a writer of 50 mystery novels that have won awards, and Dartunorro Clark are just a few of the notable alumni from UIC (Political reporter for NBC News).

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The University of Illinois at Chicago Popular Programmes


₹12.27 L – 25.84 L


₹12.27 L – 26.06 L


₹18.4 L – 25.25 L

#301-400 THE (Times Higher Education)

B.E. / B.Tech

₹20.1 L – 43.99 L


₹20.1 L – 22 L

#84 US News & World Report


₹18.4 L – 22.93 L


₹20.1 L – 21.43 L


₹12.27 L – 21.68 L

Select the Stream you are Interested in
  • Design
  • Nursing
  • Media & Mass Communication
  • Law
  • Animation
  • Accounting and Business
  • Health and Medical Sciences
  • Education & Teaching
  • Design and Planning
  • Social Sciences & Humanities
  • Science
  • Software and IT
  • Arts (performing, visual, and fine)
  • Studies in Business & Management
  • Engineering

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The University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago Fees

Courses Duration 1st Year Tuition Fees
MS(38 Courses) (1 year-4 years) USD 15.79 K – 33.27 K
MIM(16 Courses) (10-30 months) USD 15.79 K – 33.55 K
MBA/PGDM(4 Courses) (11-66 months) USD 23.69 K – 32.5 K
B.E. / B.Tech(18 Courses) (4-5 years) USD 25.88 K – 56.62 K
BBA(14 Courses) (4 years-72 months) USD 25.88 K – 28.32 K
M.Arch(4 Courses) (1 year-4 years) USD 23.69 K – 29.52 K
B.Sc.(14 Courses) (4 years) USD 25.88 K – 27.58 K
M.A.(15 Courses) (18-48 months) USD 15.79 K – 27.91 K
MFA(1 Courses) (18-24 months) USD 23.69 K

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