How To Submit A NSFAS Appeal 2022-2023

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What is NSFAS?
NSFAS is a scholarship that operates nationwide in South Africa, providing financial support to people entering higher education (colleges, universities, professional courses). NSFAS is open to anyone who cannot afford this education through other means, such as regular student loans or bank financing. NSFAS Appeal

Check For NSFAS Applications

Higher education is a major financial commitment for students across South Africa. Without funding, many students may not be able to attend a higher education institution.

Tertiary education is a big financial commitment for students around South Africa. Without funding, many students may not be able to attend a higher education institution.

Not being approved for funding from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) could lead to financial exclusion for many students wanting to go to a university of a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college. 

If your application for funding was rejected by NSFAS, you are allowed to submit an nsfas appeal. 

How To Submit A NSFAS Appeal?

Here’s How To Appeal Your Nsfas Rejection Status 

  • Log into your ‘myNSFAS’ account on
  • Click the ‘Track Funding Progress’ option
  • Check the application progress tabs
  • If your application status reflects an unsuccessful message, you may submit an appeal by clicking on the ‘Submit Appeal Tab’
  • You will then be able to see the reason why your application was unsuccessful 
  • You are then allowed to motivate in writing the reasons for appealing your application status
  • Your motivation must not exceed 1000 characters (words including spaces)
  • Then upload certified supporting documents to support your motivation. You may submit up to 5 documents.
  • Then click ‘Submit Appeal’
  • You can track the progress of the appeal on your myNSFAS account after a few days.

Nsfas has received more than 900,000 funding applications. The Nsfas scholarship covers tuition costs, accommodation costs, food, transportation, textbook allowance and the costs of teaching materials. NSFAS Appeal

How to Apply for NSFAS 2022 Online

Applications for the academic year 2022 open on September 1 and close on November 30, 2021. The easiest way to apply is online, via the NSFAS website, but students can also apply via the Financial Aid office, the National Youth Development Agency offices or on the campus where they study. Applications provide a reference number and can be verified via the NSFAS website. Late application will be announced on

Do I need to apply for NSFAS again for 2022? (NSFAS Appeal)

Do I have to reapply for 2022? Yeah. After your NSFAS application is approved, you have a year to enroll in a TVET college or university. If your application for NSFAS funding for the 2020 academic year is approved and you fail to enroll for a full year, you need to apply again.

How long does it take for NSFAS to respond to 2022?

The application is usually open for one month unless there is an official extension of the application date. So yes, the answer to how long it takes NSFAS to respond to your application for 2022 is that it will take at most 30 days for NSFAS to respond to your application. NSFAS Appeal

Can NSFAS fund me if I fail?

No, NSFAS will stop funding you if you fail your units. According to the NSFAS Policy Agreement, students must pass at least 50% of their credit and pass the academic performance of their institution in order to continue receiving funding



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